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ANTIOXIDANTS...Juicing or not this is one of the best greens powders....a spoonful in your water or shake does the trick!

It doesn't taste like berries but it goes down easy in a glass of cold water  :)  Better energy, digestion, alkalinity.....great skin.  One of the easiest things you can do this week for better health.  Contains greet tea extract and chlorella two things I will be writing more about this week!


Here are the details.......Award-winning Greens Plus powder in a great tasting, 100% Natural Wild Berry flavor with High-ORAC* Antioxidant Mixed Berry Fruit Extracts. Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst contains a total of 165mg of 7 of the highest ORAC-rated* Antioxidant Fruit Extracts per serving.

▪  STRAWBERRY - Excellent source of Vitamin C and the flavanoids qeurcetin and ellagic acid.

▪  BLUEBERRY - Highest content of anthocyanins, improves capillary strength and protects the eyes

▪  BLACKBERRY - Natural source of salycilate found in aspirin, mildly astringent and antibacterial

▪  RASPBERRY - Most abundant source of ellagic acid, Vitamin C and manganese

▪  CRANBERRY - Contains probiotic nutrients that assists waste removal and protect the urinary tract

▪  ACEROLA CHERRY - Most potent source of natural Vitamin C (80 times more than oranges)

▪  GRAPE SEED and SKIN - Contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that prevents mutations and extends life.


The result is the BEST-TASTING Green Superfood on the planet. One daily serving of Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst delivers the antioxidant equivalent of more than five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables and a Total ORAC of 19,517 per serving!

▪ Combines organically-grown GREEN SUPERFOODS like Hawaiian Spirulina, Japanese Chlorella, Alfalfa, Barley and Wheat Grass with...

▪ High-energy HERBAL EXTRACTS like Japanese Green Tea, Siberian Eleuthero Root, and Ginkgo Biloba plus...

▪ ANTHOCYANIN-RICH Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Acerola Berry, and Grape Seed Skin Extracts.


Greens Plus Supports:

▪                Whole Body Detoxification

▪                Immune Function

▪                Healthy Ageing

▪                Energy Levels

▪                Alkalinity

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