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Amazing Apples

Lately, I have been so into apples, tart Granny Smith's to be exact.  I have been putting one in my shake or slicing into just about anything they go well with!  Typically this is a "fall food" with all the comfort foods it is associated with but they make all things summer taste so fresh!

Who knew….It’s not just an apple a day, it’s what type of apple a day…..


The Most Nutritious Types of Apples

Researchers have found that different apple varieties have different phenolis and flavonoid content.  Roman Beauty, Fuji and Red Delicious have high phenolis and flavonoid compound and higher antioxidant activity compared to Idared, Cortland and Golden Delicious.

With the majority of apples, quercetin and fiber are contained in the skin.  Unfortunately, it is likely that there are pesticides and toxic residue from the petroleum based waxes used, so wash thoroughly and choose organic apples.  Try not to replace apples with apple juice.  Even though it contains some iron and potassium,  it has little of the beneficial compounds, quercetin and fiber.

Other apple info…

Apple skin is a rich source of phytonutrients that function as antioxidants: quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid. 

In some studies about cancer risks, apples were the only specific fruit that showed beneficial association with lung cancer.  Phloridzin (flavonoids unique to apples) has the ability to help lung function and can thus have a positive affect with asthma , as well.

Weight loss is another benefit of insoluble fiber because of its filling effect, and soluble fiber pectin reduces the amount of cholesterol produced in the liver, slows digestion and the rise of blood sugar, making it ideal to keep cravings under control.

Additionally, apples promote healthy digestion, think fiber. 

This is the easiest snack to take “to go” (we’ve all had mushy bananas at the bottom of our bag) and mixes very well with peanut or almond butter  :)





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