30-Day Get Me on Track Program



Want to get started with a system that will help you lay a foundation for getting your digestion, gut health and energy balance in sync so you can feel better than you have in a long time and lose weight (if you want to)? When you are stressed, exhausted, or feel like you eat “pretty healthy” already, you can still not be in a groove. Learn what may be getting in the way and clean the slate. We focus on exactly what is right for you, nothing cookie cutter about this program. Over a period of 30-days, I will personally guide you through:

  • Detoxing from processed foods and sugar (a biggie)
  • Set the stage for a healthy gut and digestion and how to go about it
  • Incorporating more whole foods into your diet (in a sustainable way, I will never make you starve) and always give you a healthier substitute (no cardboard here)
  • How set up your meals & snacks according to your lifestyle, what to keep in the house and how to set up your fridge and pantry so you are in control and have options YOU LIKE.
  • Maintaining your new healthy lifestyle with a simple 7-day meal plan, recipes, and other done-for-you materials
  • Portion control in a pleasant, do-able way

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching

We meet 4 times in 30 days, once per week.  Our first meeting is 75-minutes, we do an extensive intake and weigh, measure and monitor body fat and BMI each week. Our second meeting is 50-minutes and our third and fourth meetings are 30-minutes.  By that time, believe it or not, you are really getting the hang of things and are soaring. You can always schedule post program check-in sessions to stay on track!  During this time you have my unlimited email support to help you stay on track, ask questions, text me products you have questions about and keep your goals in line. This program lays a good foundation for your success. 

The results have been amazing. For you, they might be:

  • Feeling better and having more energy than you’ve had in years
  • Developing a new way of eating…and one that is easy, do-able, and fun to follow.
  • Losing weight–some clients lose 2 1/2 inches after week 1 in their waist (really).
  • Having a clear mindset and healthy body from detoxing…no more ‘afternoon slump’ or ‘foggy head’ feeling
  • Having more of an 'eating system' in place so you are not fumbling for the right thing to eat whether it is home or out
  • Learning what fuels and what taxes your body so you can plan accordingly.


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