90-Day Deep Dive Coaching Program

Are you ready to make dieting a thing of the past and put your healthy choices on auto-pilot?

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching

My 90-Day program is a deep-dive into your health that not only helps you transition to a healthier lifestyle, but actually changes your attitudes and behaviors around food…for good. This is how the 90-Day Program works:

First 30 Days: Detox and Habit Forming

  • (2) 50 min coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • We will first assess your specific food concerns, habits, supplements and lifestyle. It’s 100% okay if you have food allergies or sensitivities, or even if you don’t know if you have them yet.
  • I will design a customized health program for you based on what we’ve talked about, with specific recommendations and strategies for your needs (like preventing sugar cravings). This will include phasing out processed foods, and adding new foods in to maximize your energy. Establishing a baseline to build your program and logging everything.
  • We will also begin to work on developing 2 new habits per week.  All ‘habits’ are designed to be started slowly, that way you don’t feel overwhelmed, and we can measure your progress.
  • Our coaching calls will be helpful in giving you techniques for stress and time management so that you can make your health goals a reality, despite your circumstances.

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching

Second 30 Days: Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle 

  • (2) 50 min coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • In the second month, we will progress towards incorporating more whole foods, greens, and healthy smoothies into your diet.
  • You will have your ViaNutrition shopping list, approved snack list, recipes, meal plans, and other done-for-you materials so that you never have to reinvent the wheel in the kitchen again, and it’s easy to stick to a plan with the foods you (and your family) enjoy eating. I also give you something new to try every week, so you never get bored.
  • We continue building on 2 new habits per week and measuring your progress. By this time, you’ll be having a lot of fun and feeling proud of all you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Our coaching calls will be a great way to assess any ‘old habits’ that may creep back up, and creating an action plan around changing your behavior in a systematic way that won’t make you feel deprived or restricted.

Last 30 Days: Your Vibrant, Healthy Life 

  • (2) 50 min coaching calls and unlimited email support
  • This month, we’ll be getting into more advanced habits and still be working on mindset and behaviors as they come up.
  • I will help you create a long-term plan so you can keep your new, healthy habits alive and maintain the lifestyle you’ve created even when life gets in the way. Our coaching calls focus on accountability and addressing ‘future worries’ and concerns you may have.
  • You will still have all of your lists, plans, recipes, and materials so that you won’t have to ‘start over’ again–you have everything you need for your health success!
  • You will feel confident knowing what to do with all the new information and education about your health that you have, feel like you finally have time for yourself (and your friends or family), and you’ll feel passionate about your new accomplishments, skills and how far you have come.  You will begin to release what no longer serves you both mentally and physically.

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching

Plus…Bonus Tools!

The ViaNutrition Tool Box: A big box of love that contains favorite snacks for you and your family to try, containers to help you implement the changes, one of my favorite cookbooks with easy and fast recipes, and a favorite documentary to inspire and empower you and lots of other session-appropriate goodies

72-Hour Detox/Food Cleanse: For 3 days you will detox your body with food, no starving, no juice cleansing.  Simple, easy-to-prepare, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to cleanse your body from dairy, gluten and animal products that can slow down the digestions and liver.  Eliminate toxins, renew your energy and clear the path for a rejuvenated metabolism.  Feel great afterward and begin your new journey to healthier, effective eating. Recipes and shopping lists included and ViaNutrition approved!

Health on auto-pilot?
Completely achievable.

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching

If you are looking for a positive, workable, supportive nutritionist, Karen is the person to work with to improve your life.

Although my objective was to focus on myself, my entire family has benefited from my work with Karen. My family now focuses our attention on healthy eating and living and on including full servings of vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins in our meals. Meal planning has become a family activity. We are re-dedicated to exercise and getting enough sleep. As a result, everybody in the household feels better and is participating in their health.

My goal of losing weight was transformed into a long-term goal of improving the lives of my family members. I am okay with how my clothes fit. My husband has lost 23 pounds and is feeling so much better – an outcome I did not predict. My daughter has lost all of her college weight and then some and feels terrific. She is deciding on which triathlon to compete in this summer. My son is home from school and is buying into our food plan.

I am very satisfied with Karen’s attention to the details of nutrition, which is helping me achieve the long-term goal of improved health, not just for me but for my family.

If you are looking for a positive, workable, supportive nutritionist, Karen is the person to work with to improve your life.

Mary Pat C.

Karen’s enthusiasm and genuine commitment to providing help as been encouraging and motivating.

The ease at which Karen covers the various topics makes our sessions feel more like friendly chats rather than an unwelcomed school lecture!! Her knowledge base seems to be limitless, so l know each meeting I will learn something new and beneficial. Perhaps most important to me is having her for support. I feel like we’re on the same team and that’s been invaluable. Karen’s enthusiasm and genuine commitment to providing help has been encouraging and motivating.

Weight loss is the first noticeable change. Another huge change has been my food choices. My once inappropriately stocked kitchen is now filled with organic labels!! Along with regular exercise, eating healthier has clearly increased my energy level. l also enjoy incorporating new food and incorporating and wider variety of healthy meals. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface, but I now look at food so differently than I ever have!

S.F., Scotch Plains, NJ  

Karen Phillips | ViaNutrition Health Coaching


  • You will lose weight
  • You will have the emotional support and accountability you need to follow-through
  • You will reconnect with yourself, your goals and your priorities.
  • You will increase your energy level so you can focus on what you want to accomplish
  • You will understand your cravings and learn how to manage them and not feel starved
  • You will learn which foods can maximize your health goals and increase your energy level, because you’ll have a system in place.

This program is for someone who takes their health seriously and wants to commit to making a change and getting results.

I only take a limited number of clients at a time, since this program is so comprehensive. All you have to do is apply here (hyperlink to intake form) and sign up for your first (complimentary) 30-minute Strategy Session to make sure this program is right for your health goals and concerns.

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