Whole Food Cleanse

Ready for a reboot to get the lead out, feel lighter and reset? 

We at ViaNutrition want you to feel good and raise the bar every day! That is why we pulled this together for you. We gave you the best possible price for top quality food (Natural Gourmet Institute Chef prepared) and a DETOX KIT with top line products to introduce you to ‘health on auto pilot’.

We have full days of prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and a juice each day) and enough recipes and protocol for detoxing for the entire week. You also have your DETOX KIT that you can pick up at ViaNutrition to get started.

Now, it is time to take break and reset the system. Eating delicious foods that are good for our bodies and with more focus. We want to set the tone for a strong season so you feel strong, healthy, lighter and you really glow!

We are taking a week (or as long as you would like–there is plenty of inspiration and recipes here) to add in nourishing whole foods and release the build up of weeks past. If you devote more time, you reap more benefits.

Review the packet (this will come in a separate email that you click to download) and get your DETOX KITS out (these have to be picked up at ViaNutrition) so you begin building a fabulous foundation for toxin elimination, cell health, optimal digestion, energy and plump, healthy skin. These kits contain special probiotics, detoxifying supplements to enhance phase 1 detoxification and drinks to protectively line the gut. All are physician-grade and curated by us.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the discounts on Kombucha and Infrared Sauna sessions to further enhance the toxin elimination and rebuild your gut health. The gut is where our health begins.

Your DETOX PACKET contains a hefty dose of RECIPES for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are all super easy to make AND can be prepared in stages so you can save time doing a little advance prep.

You are welcome to email me any time with questions or arrange a time to talk in person. karen@vianutritionandhealth.com

Join the Private Facebook Group (you have to request to join and I will add you) and let us know how you are doing and post pictures of your routines and food creations. We love to see it and it inspires others! If you are on Instagram, join us @vianutrition !

Know anyone you think would love this? It is more fun to do with a partner or friend…co-prep is invaluable. Tell them and have them join you!

Throughout it all, remember to have fun, move your body and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We want the bad stuff out and the good stuff in :)

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